Do I want to receive PR or Marketing pitches?


Types of Pitches

I enjoy receiving news and tips that help make Consuming Louisville even more useful to its audience. If you or one of your clients has something cool going on in Louisville I would love to hear about it.

Consuming Louisville primarily focuses on independent Louisville businesses, artists and events. This doesn’t mean that I never write about chain restaurants or corporate events but I do so very infrequently. If you or your client is a national chain and you have a Louisville specific event going on (say a special for Derby) then by all means let me know about it. But if you have an event or special that is happening in every city your chain has a location in then I probably won’t post about it.

Personal Responses

I receive many press releases and email notices. I cannot possibly respond to every single one of them. So while I may not personally respond I think we can have enough faith in the email system to assume that I received your message. Sending the same message to me multiple times just increases the likelihood that I’ll start ignoring all messages from you instead of paying more attention.

Editorial Choices

I do not write about every press release or event notice I receive. I’m the sole writer on Consuming Louisville (except for occasional guest posts) and if I don’t find think my audience would find something interesting or relevant I will not write about it. Just because you think I should write about something doesn’t mean I will. If I have chosen not to write about something it is absolutely not up for debate.

I’m a Person, You’re a Person

Emails that sound like press releases, press release attachments without actual email messages and other communication that could have just as easily been sent to and from a robot do not hold my attention. Since I’m a real person and you’re a real person I’d encourage you to make our interaction person-to-person conversation instead of an email blast to a marketing list. I like people, I don’t like email marketing blasts.