A Meetup for Technology Savvy Women

What is Let Them Tweet Cake?
Are you a fan of Twitter? A Friendfeed power user? A Flickr diva? A blogger extraordinaire? Facebook addict? Are you a new media using, technology savvy woman? If you said yes then the honor of your presence is requested at Let Them Tweet Cake!

Inspired by Let’s Tweetup, Louisville Geek Dinner and similar meetups Let Them Tweet Cake! is a social gathering for women with interests in social media, blogging, social networking and other online technologies and all manner of geekiness. We want to get together to talk about our shared interests, learn about new technologies from each other, develop new friendships and social connections and just generally have a good time. And oh yeah, eat cake.

While many meetups are held in pubs or restaurants Let Them Tweet Cake! has a decidedly sweeter location: Sweet Surrender. Not only has Sweet Surrender graciously agreed to host our meetups they have also agreed to have half slices of cake available for purchase during Let Them Tweet Cake. Half slices of cake are better for my hips and also better for my wallet. Thank you Sweet Surrender.

*Please note that while Let Them Tweet Cake! is designed as an event for women we think if you’re the kind of man who’d like to discuss tech stuff while eating cake you’re probably pretty cool so it’s ok if you’d like to attend.

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