The analogy of commenters as guests in homes has already been overused like crazy but it’s the most apt one so I’m going to use it too.

Consuming Louisville is my home and I’ve invited you in. I very much want you to have a good time here and enjoy interesting conversations. To make sure everyone has a good time I have a couple very simple rules for commenting on Consuming Louisville*.

Don’t Be Mean

You can disagree with me, you can disagree with other commenters, you can disagree with politicians, you can disagree with anyone you like. You must, however, do that disagreeing in a polite, respectful manner.

I work very hard to make sure Consuming Louisville has a nice tone and feel strongly that the comments should have the same. There are 6 million other places on the internet where you can be mean to people but Consuming Louisville is not one of them. So no name calling, no personal attacks, no hostility, no pointless snark. My personal philosophy is that earnestness and heart wins over sarcasm and snark every single time. This is a philosophy that I’ve put into play on Consuming Louisville.

Don’t Be a Spammer

Dropping a press release into a comment is a no-no. Adding nothing to a conversation other than “hey check out my band/site/product” is also a no-no. If you’ve got something you’d like to see written about on Consuming Louisville please contact me instead of spamming the comments.

Saying “check out our Facebook page” or “Like my business on Facebook” is also a no-no. Why? Well because every time you leave a comment your name is linked to whatever website you put in the handy “website” section of the comment form. If you want to make that website your Facebook page then go right ahead. But also because Facebook is not the sum total of the internet. I don’t think someone should have to be tied to one social network to get your content. So if you leave a comment that is only a plea for more Facebook fans it will not be approved. If you leave a comment and throw in “Like us on Facebook” that part of the comment will not be published. “Like us on Facebook!” is, to me, spammy and I don’t want to subject Consuming Louisville’s readers to spam.

Comments that are either mean or spam will not be published (or they’ll be deleted if they accidentally slip through moderation).    

*Just like I have rules for guests in my brick and mortar home. While you might think standing on the kitchen table and singing “Freebird” constitutes a good time I’m not going to let you do it in my house. I get to institute such rules because I’m the one paying to keep the lights on and I’m the one left cleaning up the house after you go home.