Let's see if we can have fun with this site again.

Grace has missed you.

Grace has missed you.

Late in 2013 I realized I was burned out with Consuming Louisville. I’d been writing, on a near daily basis, on the site for more than 5 years. I was tired. The grind of the site had surpassed the joy of the site. So I put Consuming Louisville on hiatus in March.

I thought I’d soon revive it as a long form feature site instead of a traditional blog. Something like The Bitter Southerner, except Louisville focused. But, to be honest, I lost interest in that idea pretty quickly. It would have been more work than I had been doing and my heart wasn’t in it. So, if you had asked me in say August, what the future held for Consuming Louisville? I’d have said “Nothing.” But here we are, so what changed?

Since the day I first created Consuming Louisville I’ve felt a responsibility to its mission and its audience. A responsibility to get the word out about cool stuff and to help people find awesome things to buy, eat and do in Louisville. One of the reasons I felt ok with putting the site on hiatus was because Eater had rolled out a Louisville site and was doing a good job sharing information on new restaurants, menu updates, restaurant closings, etc. So it felt like Consuming Louisville wasn’t really needed. But a few months after I shuttered this site Eater decided to abandon Louisville. And since that time I’ve noticed new restaurants coming to my neighborhood that I’ve seen before I heard about. None of the sites that I read have been talking about them (or I’ve missed those posts, a very likely possibility) and none of the foodies that I’m connected with on Twitter or Instagram have been rehashing their visits. This makes me think that there’s once again, perhaps, a need for Consuming Louisville.

But whether or not Louisville needs this site, I need it again. I need an outlet to tell you about the awesome taqueria that B and I had lunch at yesterday. I need a spot to tell you about the Mediterranean place that moved locations and is now delivering in the Highlands. I need a place to note interesting and important events happening soon. I feel compelled to tell you these things. And besides, my wife told me “I want you to start Consuming Louisville back up again.” I’ve been successfully pair bonded for 19 years by doing what my wife wants, I’m not about to stop now.

So welcome back to Consuming Louisville.

I’m still hammering out kinks so if something look wrong or doesn’t behave correctly on the site please let me know. I nuked the database from the previous incarnation of Consuming Louisville so we’re starting completely from scratch. It’s a like a new notebook and fresh pencils on the first day of school.