jarritosI think The Ville Taqueria has been open for a couple months now. We only made our way there on Sunday and I’m kicking myself a little for missing out on Mexican food awesomeness in St. Matthews for so long. But made it we did and the report is a very positive one. Located on Westport Road, essentially behind the St. Matthews BBC, The Ville Taqueria makes its home in a building that previously held a frozen yogurt shop and before that a seafood restaurant. Let’s hope this is the business that sticks around and is successful in this location for a long time.

The space is smaller than it looks from outside. There are really only a handful each of tables and booths and ordering is handled at the counter. The menu (PFD) is broken down into styles and fillings. You’ll first choose your style of tacos, burritos, quesadillas or tortas. Essentially these styles represent everything that goes into your burrito/taco/etc that isn’t meat. Then you’ll choose from things like masa crusted tilapia, Dos XX braised brisket or tequila citrus chicken to round out your items. There is a vegetarian option for fillings but it’s a little unexciting. So I ordered a heavily modified burrito (I hate vegetables and thus can never order a vegetarian entree the way it’s described on the menu). I’d happily pay a ridiculous upcharge if they’d make tofu or seitan an option for fillings.

B had both chicken and beef tacos. She raved about the tacos at large and specifically about the tortillas they came wrapped in.

cornThe true highlight of the meal though, for me, was the corn. It’s a whole ear of corn that has been grilled and then slathered with mayo and then sprinked with cotija cheese and chile powder. It’s a sweet, savory, unexpectedly delicious combination. I really really hope they buy a ton of local corn that is super sweet in late summer and have a party to celebrate the awesomeness that corn prepared in the Mexican street food style.

Sidebar: I’ve always seen corn on the cob done in this style called Elote. The Ville Taqueria lists it as Esquite though.

They offer a wide variety of salsas. I’m a pansy when it comes to spicy food so B tried several salsas and told me not to even taste most because I would make a face when my tongue started burning. She liked the ones she tried a great deal. Except the one that was the exact color of Doritos. She wasn’t feeling that one.

The food is cheap. So cheap that we had a metric ton of tacos, burritos, corn and rice for a little over $20. It was a great deal for a really excellent meal.

While The Ville Taqueria doesn’t have fountain Coke Zero (or fountain drinks of any kind for that matter) it does offer Mexican Coke and Jarritos, beer, margaritas and a concoction I’m equally fascinated and horrified by: BourbonRita. You go try that and report back to the class how it is.

The Ville Taqueria
3922 Westport Road
Louisville, Kentucky
(502) 721-TACO (8226) (outstanding job on the phone number)