Louisville illustrator Johanna Ehnle is selling an incredibly charming set of 4 holiday/winter cards on her website.


I’m a horrible person because I ordered mine before I told you about them, to make sure I got my special set (subtract Merry Little Christmas, add more Cozy Winter). I acknowledge my horribleness and hope you’ll forgive me.

Order your cards before December 4 and your cards will be mailed to you on December 5. That will give you plenty of time to get them in the mail for the December trifecta of Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve.

20artDoing some holiday shopping? You’d do well to check out the return of the $20 Art Show on December 13, 2014. Hosted by Copper and Kings, the event features many local artists all selling pieces for…can you guess how much? Yep, $20.

Artists at the show will include Douglas Miller, Jeral Tidwell, Sarah Tidwell, Robby Davis, Mickie Winters, Patrick Jilbert, Madpixel Art + Design, AngryBlue, Miss Happy Pink, Inherited Leather, Dustin Dirt, Bernhardt Geyer, Damon Thompson, J Cobb, Devin French, Lori Brown, Michelle Amos, Jill Morgan, Scott Scarboro, Harlan Welch-Scarboro, Drtyawsm, Tiffany Embry, Amy Elswick, Lilly Totten, Suz and Gary Bell, Natasha Sud, Mia Snell, Claire Raab, Kate Sedwick, Joe Autry, and Shandy Goodlett Gazo.

$20 Art Show
Saturday December 13, 2014

Copper and Kings
1121 E. Washington St
Louisville, KY