Consuming Louisville is your guide to great restaurants, shops, events and happenings in Louisville. We strive to try, support, publicize and give time and money to people and businesses doing interesting and cool things in Louisville.

When we have the choice most often we choose local over national, independent over chain, becoming regulars instead of being one time visitors.

We always choose art and artists.

We want to support and build community.

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About Michelle Jones

Consuming Louisville is a one woman show. Michelle Jones is that woman. A writer, photographer, and web geek who loves Louisville more than you can imagine, Michelle feels lucky to call Louisville home.

Consuming Louisville is inspired by

You. You and all the other people doing and supporting good things in Louisville.

Doing something cool in Louisville? We want to hear about it. Tell us about your shop, your band, your exhibit, your opening, your bar, your restaurant, your gig. It doesn’t have to be brand new and it doesn’t have to be big. We want to find, and help others find, good things in all shapes, sizes and locations in Louisville.

PR folks please read the Consuming Louisville pitch policy.

Technical Details

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- After a long love affair and subsequent ugly breakup with Movable Type, Consuming Louisville is now very happily powered by WordPress
- If Consuming Louisville were a person it would be an Apple fangirl
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Grammatical Quandaries

As a reward for reading all the way to the bottom of the About page I’m going to tell you about a few grammatical quandaries that I struggle with:

1. “If I were smarter” or “If I was smarter” – No idea which is correct.

2. Who vs. Whom – Never know which I’m supposed to use.