This Saturday is the annual Vegetarian Tasting Fair at Rainbow Blossom. There will be lots of opportunities to taste delicious vegan goodies and get to know some of Louisville’s best vegetarian and vegan vendors. A new vegan option, the “Louisville Vegan Kitchen” will be making what I think is their public debut at the tasting fair so I’m really interested in getting some reports back on them.

the Vegetarian Tasting Fair provides an opportunity to explore the variety of vegetarian/vegan choices available. Visitors can sample meat alternatives, as well as entrees, snacks, and desserts. Among these are vegetarian burgers, hummus, grilled almond cheese sandwiches, raw cheese, and kale chips. Attendees can also enjoy local fare from Half Peach Bakery, the Louisville Vegan Kitchen, and Morels as well as cultured veggies and kvass from Fab Ferments and chocolate from Amone di Mona. Creative concoctions and tonics from the Life Bar will also be available to sample, along with vegetarian supplements and health & beauty items. A selection of vegetarian/vegan cookbooks will be available for purchase and attendees can register for free prizes such as gift baskets.

Saturday March 16, 2013

Rainbow Blossom
3738 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY