This is a great use of “crowdsourcing” by the UofL Libraries. They want to make sure that some of Louisville’s African American history gets into a searchable format so they’re asking for our help.

We have a collection of the Louisville Leader newspaper, an African American newspaper that published in Louisville from 1917 to 1950. It covered all kinds of important historical events from a perspective that wasn’t available elsewhere.

We’re putting the scanned papers online and asking the public to help us transcribe the material so that it will be searchable full text. This will be a great opportunity for people to learn about Louisville’s African American history and to contribute to the preservation of an unique resource.

Doesn’t that sound like a cool project you’d like to help out? If so you can head to the transcription site and choose the article(s) you’d like to transcribe. The system is very easy, just follow the links and you’ll be presented with an image of the article you can zoom in on and box to type your transcription in. Your transcription will appear below so you can review it and make any corrections you need to make and then submit it. The articles mostly appear to be short so you don’t have to spend a great deal of time to have a big impact on this project.