Did you know that this Friday is something called “National Food Day?” Me either. But it is and our city is going to improve upon the concept with “Local Food Day.” This Friday November 2 at lunchtime some of our best local food trucks are going to be posted up at the corner of Sixth and Jefferson. You know whatever they’ll be serving is going to be delicious but since this is “Local Food Day” they’ll be rising to the challenge of the “Food Trucks Love Local” contest. What’s that you ask? Here you go:

All licensed food trucks are invited to participate in the celebration, both by vending through the event and in a “Food Trucks Love Local” contest. A grand prize will be awarded in two categories – main dish and other (think sides, desserts, etc.) – and trucks can enter in one or both categories. The prize in each category will be 10 days of reserved parking at a parking meter of your choosing! To enter the contest, each truck will be required to prepare one menu item, main or other, that includes a local food component. All entries will be judged by Mayor Greg Fischer and another local celebrity on the day of the event. The winners may select which 10 days to reserve the meter and the days do not need to run consecutively.

10 days of free parking is a serious prize so you know all the trucks will be bringing their A-game (is that how you write that out?).

I’ve got to say I think Grind Gourmet Burger truck (who let me use the above photo of one of their burgers) may be the odds on favorite in this competition. They’ve been committed to using local ingredients since their debut. Maybe they’ll do a veggie burger made entirely of local ingredients and topped with locally made goat cheese. Mmmmm, a girl can dream.

Friday November 2, 2012