It’s a pretty well known fact that I don’t venture across the river to visit our neighbors to the north very often. But someone making the effort to make sure vegetarians have something good to eat at a barbecue restaurant? Well that’s enough to get me across the river.

I represented team vegetarian and my dining companion represented team “mmmm bbq chicken is good” for our meal at Feast BBQ last week. We shared the fried pickle starter which I think was the best version of fried pickles I’ve ever had. Part of that is due to the most excellent ranch/cheese dipping sauce they come with. For my meal I had two tofu sliders with macaroni and cheese and the vinegar slaw as my sides. I was not a fan of the vinegar slaw but I attribute this to my own pickiness when it comes to slaw. Next time I’m going to try the creamy slaw (yes, Feast has two kinds of slaw on their menu) or most likely bypass the slaw altogether and just get tater tots as my side dish. I loved my tofu sliders. I confess that I’m on a huge tofu kick right now (I have Heart & Soy and August Moon on speed dial for carryout tofu dishes) but even if I wasn’t slightly tofu obsessed at the moment I would have loved these. The tofu has a nice smoked flavor, a good texture (not rubbery, the center is nice and creamy) and it holds up well in sandwich form. I slathered my sliders with the traditional barbecue sauce (Feast also offers vinegar barbecue sauce and hot barbecue sauce) which was thick and sweet. For nearly every meal, sandwich, plater, slider, taco and salad on the Feast menu you can choose tofu or brisket or chicken or pork. This makes it so easy for vegetarians (and everyone else) to get a meal they’ll enjoy. Please let this be the start of more places locally realizing that tofu (and seitan!) is pretty easy to work with and a easy way to give vegetarians more options on your menu.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the delicious thick sliced pickles that came with my sandwiches. It’s possible that I liked the pickles so much that I stole my dining companion’s pickles off her tray. I’m not saying that actually happened, I’m just saying it might have. Speaking of my dining companion, she ordered a beer (which came in a mason jar) and the 1/2 lb chicken sandwich. She dumped her slaw on top of the meat, added a little barbecue sauce and was completely and utterly enamored with her lunch.

We really, really wanted to try a couple of the desserts Feast offers (namely the white chocolate bread pudding and the banana pudding ice cream) but we were too full from our meal to even be able to share a dessert. We may have to forgo the fried pickles next time in service to bread pudding.

Feast is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday, 5PM-10PM.

Feast BBQ
116 W. Main Street
New Albany, IN