David Yeiser is the designer I’m working with on Menu and Hours so you know I’m a fan of his work. That being said I honestly and sincerely think his latest project, the iPhone game Borderlines, is outstanding. It’s a game that tests your world geography knowledge by showing you outlines of countries. You choose the right country name from a four choices. Oh yeah you’ve only got limited time and you lose time when you get answers wrong and you gain time when you get them right. It sounds incredibly simple and it is from a gameplay perspective but it’s oddly addictive. And it’s actually educational, when you get the answers wrong the game tells you what the correct answer was. Now I can identify Malaysia, Belgium and Somalia and shamefully just learned of a country I’d never heard of called Burkina Faso.

Obviously this is a great game for kids but seriously even adults will get sucked into this game. It’s a game you can pick up and happily kill 2 or 5 or 10 minutes while you’re in line or waiting for an appointment or whatever.

While I was briefly proud of my 460 high score a friend’s 7 year old’s current high score is 10,100 so now I’m just hanging my head in shame as I play again and try to at least break 500.

Update: I broke 1200!