I should start off by saying I didn’t actually splurge on an evening at Corbett’s. We were treated to an evening at Corbett’s by a very generous friend of ours in town from California last weekend. That being said, the next time I do want to splurge on a super nice, fancy, excellent meal, it will be at Corbett’s. Considering how infrequently I go out past the Watterson this is a seriously strong endorsement.

I made reservations at the last minute so I didn’t expect the best table in the house. Even so I was a little concerned when we were led down into what used to be, I assume, an unfinished basement. My concerns were misplaced. The lower level was incredibly charming. It’s divided into a few different rooms and the room we were in only had 4 tables. Because I like to eat like I’m 87 years old (that is to say early bird special time) we had the room to ourselves for a good part of our meal and it was just lovely.

The service we received was impeccable, the cocktails we drank were delicious and the food, oh goodness, the food. There’s no need to go into everything dish by dish. I’ll just say that in our party of three there was barely a crumb that wasn’t consumed. Everything was incredible. But! I do want to tell you about one dish specifically because I’m kind of obsessed with it. I’ve found myself daydreaming about it. Last week I had a nasty infection that left me in considerable pain and the antibiotic I’m taking for it initially caused a great deal of stomach upset (thus the near radio silence around here last week) but in my non-nauseous moments more than once I thought “if I could eat anything in the world right now it would be the Parisian Gnocchi from Corbett’s.”

It’s on the first flavors menu at dinnertime so it’s not enough to make a meal of but trust me when I tell you’ll it will leave you happy. It’s a combination of gnocchi, morel mushrooms, English Peas and a Parmesan cream sauce and it is so, so good.

An evening at Corbett’s isn’t cheap, but based on this one experience of mine I think it’s definitely worth it.

Corbett’s: An American Place
5050 Norton Healthcare Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40241