I had a really good time being on the first ever “Your Social [Media] Life” panel at the Louisville Free Public Library last month. Now it’s time for the second event in the series and I know lots of folks who are going to be excited about the topic: Pinterest.

Have you heard the buzz about Pinterest.com? Want to learn more about this online social pin board site? Join us for Your Social Media Life, a lively gathering and discussion forum for social media enthusiasts and professionals on Wednesday, March 7 from 6-7 p.m. at the Main Library.

I don’t know who is speaking on the panel this time but I’m sure it’s someone great. If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest the best endorsement I can give you is to share that several of the ladies of Let Them Tweet Cake are serious Pinterest addicts fans. And they’re very smart women.

Louisville Free Public Library
3O1 York Street
Louisville, KY