Part the First
Awesome man about town Jay Garmon had a post he wrote for the Backupify blog picked up by Lifehacker yesterday. That makes him more of a big deal now than he already was before. It’s a really interesting post that poses questions about what happens to all these social media and online data accounts we’ve all built up in the case of our untimely demises.

Part the Second
The boys from Louisville startup ParkVu recently unveiled their latest offering, a web app called Monstro that makes it easy for you to discover what music is being shared on Twitter. For SXSW, the ultimate music and geek festival, they’ve put together a special SXSW version of Monstro that is all about artists that are playing at SXSW. They’ve got neat intergration with Rdio so you can listen to playlists of the various artists, even if you aren’t at SXSW.

Part the Third
The Louisville Digital Association is having an event in a couple weeks that is all about Developing Louisville’s Venture Capital “Sweet Spot”.

The lifeblood of entrepreneurial startups is venture capital funding, but Louisville doesn’t have the same veteran startup-VC matchmaking community as you’ll find in Austin, Boston or Silicon Valley. The Louisville Digital Association wants to solve that problem, and we’d like you to join the fray on March 21 as an all-start panel of Louisville startup veterans discusses How to Find and Develop Louisville’s VC Sweet Spot. It all starts at 6:30pm at Interactive Media Lab, 124 N. First Street.