Last week on Twitter Gabe Bullard mentioned that documents from IPL hinted that a Dunkin’ Donuts might be going into the new building that is under construction in front of Mid-City Mall. I was curious for more information so I took a look at the permit myself:

“construction of a 2329 square foot shell potentially used for dunkin’ donuts. additional permits required for tenant fit-up. all work to meet the requirements of the 2007 KBC.”

That’s neither a denial nor a confirmation is it? Does anyone have any inside scoop on this they’d like to share?

Update: I just got this tip from a Consuming Louisville reader

that location is going to be a Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m not involved with the project however I am in the contracting business and we were invited to bid on this last month.

That definitely lends some more credibility to this possibility. My friends who are originally from the New England area are insanely excited about this. They love them some Dunkin’ Donuts.