There’s a new meat themed speakeasy/cocktail lounge called Meat coming, appropriately, to Butchertown. The new spot is located above The Blind Pig and is brought to you by the same beverage minds that take care of the wine and cocktail program at The Blind Pig.

I visited Meat last Wednesday and Jeremy Johnson (of Meat and The Blind Pig) told me he hopes to open next Wednesday November 2. I haven’t confirmed that yet as a firm opening date so please forgive me if they open a day earlier or a day later. When he was showing me around Jeremy explained that the concept of Meat is to be a lot like louisville: very comfortable and very welcoming. There will be limited seating and a hostess at the door will make sure that it doesn’t get overcrowded. If there are no seats available the hostess will take your phone number and call you when a spot opens up. This means no lines 3 people deep huddled around the bar and no having to hold your drink the entire night because there isn’t a single spot to set it down while you talk to your friends.

You can expect outstanding cocktails from Meat but don’t expect every drink concoction under the sun. They plan to make most of their mixers in-house (fresh squeezed juices, etc) and stock classic spirits so there are some limits to what they’ll be serving (I mean have you ever tried to make homemade cranberry juice?).

I took a lot of pictures on my visit to Meat but I’ve decided not to post them because things were still under construction when I was there and I think you’re going to just want to see this place in its finished glory. So I’d prefer to wait and show you a few pictures from after they open.

Meat is going to be open from 6PM-4AM 6 days a week so whether you want a drink while you’re waiting for a table at The Blind Pig or someplace to wind down with a good cocktail and conversation after a late show they’ll have you covered.