Hello fellow nerds. LVL1 and LDA are presenting another programming workshop. This time they’re focusing on Ruby on Rails. When (not if, when!) I up my web geek game to something greater than HTML, CSS and the wee bit of PHP I know, Ruby is what I’m shooting for, So I’m super excited to see a workshop like this going on in Louisville and hope you go check it out. I’m still a little too much of a programming NOOB to attend but the Consuming Louisville audience is way smarter than I am so I suspect lots of y’all are ready to go.

LVL1 and the Louisville Digital Association are proud to present the next Idea to Execution Workshop hosted at LVL1 Hackerspace, this Thursday 5/12 at 6:30pm. The topic this time is Ruby on Rails AKA RoR.

In keeping with the collaborative nature of our Idea to Execution workshops, the evening opens led by Ernie Miller with a short talk that focuses on making the business case for employing web development using RoR along with some best practices every business or tech lead should know. In the latter portion, attendees get their hands dirty working on RoR code.

Be sure to grab your ticket now and learn what you tools you’ll need. Seating is limited!