LVL1 has planned a “summer camp” taking place during the four Saturdays in June that is perfect for the industrious DIY-ers in our midst.

The first Saturday, you’ll learn how to use EagleCAD to route PCBs for manufacture. No more perfboard!

The second Saturday, you’ll learn how to use dangerous chemicals to turn a blank copper board into a functional AVR programmer! With this clone of LadyAda’s USBTinyISP, you’ll be able to program almost ever AtTiny and AtMega chip ever manufactured, freeing you from the surly bonds of the Arduino develoment environment.

The third Saturday, you’ll learn extremely useful skills in prototyping with surface mount components, soldering tiny parts on to the boards you etched the week previous. Surface Mount soldering is an important skill, as projects and parts get smaller and more powerful.

Finally, on the fourth Saturday, you’ll learn how to program a CapsLocker, a nefarious device which masquerades as USB keyboard. This device is capable of entering any key sequence at any interval, super useful for makinG SURE YOUR MARK ALWAYS TYPES LIKE THIIS.

Dude, that fourth one is just evil.

More info and details on reserving your spot over at the LVL1 site