Well this is exciting news. Over on the Louisville HotBytes forum there is a post by Patrick Whelan describing a new location of Java Brewing Company that is coming to Bardstown Road.

In December we plan to open a new JBC on Bardstown Rd across from the old Cafe Metro at the location where Reiserts Insurance stood for decades.

How exciting! Another great, independent coffee option in the Highlands is a very good thing. And since it’s a good walking distance for me (not too short, not too far) I look forward to the walk down there for an eggnog latte in December. If I walk to get it and then walk home then it totally doesn’t count.

I know this is just a crazy dream but it would be awesome if they had a walkup window. I’m sure I’m not the only crazy dog person who is too paranoid to leave my dog outside while I get my latte…