You know I don’t drink beer but you know what I do like a lot? Gastropubs that serve great pomme frites and interesting pub food. The great minds behind the Louisville Beer Store are bringing great pomme frites (and an amazing beer list and special food and beer pairings and just awesomeness in general) to Bardstown Road.

All the details aren’t set in stone yet but I asked Lori from LBS to give me just a little hint about what to expect from this new venture and here is some of what she shared:

We have a frite master, Evan Bullen. He is a Canadian-American who’s family has owned a famous fry shack since he was a youngin’. He takes his fries very seriously and approaches it as an art form to say the least. With travels to Amsterdam and Belgium recently – we’ve decided that a frite cone with all the topping goodness piled high is the perfect accompaniment to a day of craft beer drinking, if you will the “holy grale” for beer nerds. So, what we are talking about here are thick-cut double fried cones of fries, made to order of course – with the choice of toppings. We will likely have 10 or so sauces to choose from…. oh, did I mention poutine? Yes, this is the motherload, choose the original Canadian poutine or the Kentucky-fied poutine.

We will have some other snacks: cheese, charcuterie, grilled cheese

Small plates: there will be 5 new small plates offered weekly that are made to pair specifically with the beers on tap, everything designed to eat with your own lil’ fingers. This is where we will be able to have some fun and get really creative.

The last thing that I think is important to note, is that all of our beertending staff have become certified beer servers, which is the first step to becoming a certified cicerone, or “beer sommelier”.

Oh my goodness. How freaking good does all that sound? Sadly I’m betting there is no chance the poutine will come with vegetarian gravy is there? Le sigh. That’s ok, woman can live on frites alone. And beer drinkers? How happy are you? A restaurant that’s going to focus on great pairings between food and beer must thrill you. I don’t even drink beer and I’m excited so I bet you’re downright giddy.

No details on when exactly this place will open but I do know that the where is the old red church that was most recently home to Lonnie’s of Chicago. As soon as I get a hint on the opening date I’ll be sure to post it.