You’re right, self storage is totally not something I’d normally right about. I think I’ve been in a self storage facility maybe once in my life. I mean I’ve got a lot of crap in my basement but not enough that I need to find an off site storage space for it, so this is not really my area of expertise. That being said I dig it when a new local business moves downtown, even if it’s one that I personally don’t have use for. Particularly when it’s a business whose owners are interested in being good local citizens and being involved in the community.

So that’s why I’m telling you about CITYspace, the new self storage facility on East Main.

Co-owner Mark Helm says he decided to create the storage facility to “meet the needs of residents moving into the downtown area as well as those already living there.” He says he also knows that “downtown businesses requiring off-site storage prefer the convenience of a nearby location.” Helm says he modeled CITYspace on Main after facilities he visited in Chicago.

Helm says he and his fellow investors are contributing to the “green building” movement. CITYspace on Main will have a system to collect rainwater off its 41,000 square foot roof. It will store enough water to irrigate the property’s landscaping and release the remainder into MSD’s wastewater system during off-peak times.

This Friday Friday, September 24th from 4PM-7PM they’re having a grand opening featuring food, entertainment and prizes. If you have storage needs or are currently schlepping out to the suburbs for your storage needs, you should swing by and check CITYspace out.

913 E. Main Street
Louisville, KY