There’s a new ice cream place in town. Called The Comfy Cow, it’s located in Westport Village. All the ice cream flavors and specialty sundaes on their menu sound delicious of course but it’s this blurb from the about section of their website that really has me excited:

We at The Comfy Cow believe we have an obligation to act responsibly
toward the environment we live in. Towards that end, we recycle all
plastic and glass bottles, all eat-in items are served in
non-disposable glassware or china and to-go items are packaged in
biodegradable containers with compostable utensils made from 100%
non-GMO corn starch PLA resin.

I do so love businesses who make recycling and sustainability a priority.

Well ok this blurb has me excited as well:

Each batch of ice cream is handcrafted in our Westport Village
location, four gallons at a time, ensuring only the freshest and most
taste-tempting flavors