After I linked to the list of Farmers’ Markets in Louisville last week a nice reader sent me a tip about this site that has a list of CSA’s in the Louisville area (many of which are still accepting new signups). Not familiar with CSA? Here’s a little backstory.

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is exactly what it sounds like – local people supporting local farmers. At the start of a season, you sign up for a share and agree to pay the farmer a fee. In return the farmer agrees to supply you with fresh produce for a set number of weeks during the growing season.

A consumer walking into a typical grocery store has no way of knowing where or how the tomato in the produce section was grown, other than perhaps a general location as indicated on a sticker, “Grown in California”.

By buying into a CSA plan, you know exactly who, where and how that tomato was produced. You become much more in tune with the growing season and much more accustomed to the taste of fresh seasonal products. Often CSA members are welcome and encouraged to visit the farm to take a look and even help out.

Good for the farmers, good for you, good for our community. Everybody wins.