Quills opened quietly last weekend. They’re still planning a grand opening party for after Derby but they are officially open for business in their new location at 930 Baxter Avenue in the Highlands. Long time readers of Consuming Louisville know that I was a fan of the original Quills and that we’ve had some good conversations about Quills, religion and all sorts of exciting topics. I’ve been to the new Quills twice since they opened already. Once with B, once alone with my head down trying to plow through some work. I took a few shots, drank some coffee and came back to report to you on it. From the crowds that were present both times I went I think it’s safe to say that a whole lot of people have been waiting for Quills to reopen. The verdict? It was worth the wait. 

As much as I loved the atmosphere and vibe of the original Quills I
love this one even more with one exception. They’ve given up the “book”
part of Quills Coffee and Book so gone are the walls of bookshelves.
That makes me a little sad but that’s just cause I’m a gigantic book
nerd. Other than that the new Quills is a coffee shop lovers paradise.
Good music, good (rotating) art on the walls, beautifully decorated,
plenty of seating, strong wifi and lots of electrical outlets to
satisfy your computer’s power needs. It seems like they took just about
everything good from the old Quills and turned it up to 11.

The coffee at Quills 2.0 is just as tasty as the coffee at Quills 1.0. They have their daily Quills blend drip coffee, French press and of course all the espresso drinks you can shake a stick at. In a couple areas though the folks at Quills have seriously stepped up their game. The first area is their tea service. This was high on B’s list of things I’m supposed to tell you about the new Quills. Their selection of teas as well as the serving of those teas has seriously improved. You can order just a cup or you can order the tea service which will find you getting a gorgeous tray full of all the tea…stuff you need (your own pot and mug, timer to prevent you from steeping it too long, a little dish to dispose of the used tea bag, etc.). B is in love with the tea service and can’t wait to go back for more. She recommends the second flush darjeeling (at least I think that’s what it was, you know I’m not a tea person so you can’t blame me if I got this part wrong).

The second area Quills has much improved in is food. They’ve added more muffins, scones, cookies and other sweets. Though they don’t have the full menu in place yet Nathan Quillo tells me that panini sandwiches, yogurt, granola and hummus will be added to their food menu as well quite soon. They are also selling chocolates from Cellar Door Chocolates. I’ve yet to try any of these but they look outstanding. Buy me a truffle next time you see me hanging out at Quills ok?


Another area they’ve really improved in? Latte art. I know that’s kind of superficial but come on how can you not just smile and be impressed with latte art?

The new location is significantly larger than the old Quills, so much so that they have a dedicated meeting room on the second floor. I would have taken a picture for you but it was overrun with people both times I’ve been in. It will cost you $25 to reserve the meeting room for four hours and $50 for the day (meaning it will be $50 for five hours or ten hours). They have a signup sheet at the register for the meeting space.

quillshours.jpgI’ve got to tell you I’m kind of in love with the new Quills and B is too. It’s not often that we’re in love with the same hangout place. Most of the time she really loves a place while I like it ok or vice versa. We’ll go together and have a good time but places are normally categorized as her place or my place and I think that Quills is going to “our place.” That’s saying something.

Hours at the new Quills:
Sunday-Thursday 6AM-11PM
Friday & Saturday 6AM-Midnight

Quills Coffee
930 Baxter Avenue
Louisvillle, KY