nords.jpgThe subtitle for this post is Consuming Louisville meets Nord’s: A Love Story.

Good gracious I’ve lived a sheltered and deprived life seeing as how until oh so recently I’d never had an apple fritter from Nord’s. Nor had I had one of those buttercream filled and iced long johns.

Nord’s is an old school neighborhood bakery that’s been in the neighborhood for 70 years (though the current owners are, I believe, the second batch of owners). delicious.jpgFriendly isn’t a strong enough adjective to describe the staff. Of course when you’re product is this damn good and people are so happy to buy from you why wouldn’t you be friendly?

They’ve got doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes, kuchen, danish and the like
(including an amazing apple fritter but I’m trying not to dwell on it because I’ve been known to develop obsessions with good apple fritters). Every single thing I’ve tried has been out of this world good. Seriously friends, if you haven’t been to Nord’s why not? Don’t you know what you’re missing? I too love Krispy Kreme from time to time, particularly late at night, but Nord’s is a different beast altogether. If you’re bringing doughnuts to your office staff they’ll think you’re ok if you show up with a mixed dozen from Krispy Kreme. Show up with a box from Nord’s and they’ll know you’re a superior individual and they’ll reward you with hard work and loyalty, I just know it.

Nord’s opens at 6AM, so even you super early birds can swing by to get something delicious before work. Call in advance if you’re buying dozens though because they can and do sell out. At 8:30AM last week I saw a very dejected woman leaving the place after being told they had sold out of something that morning.

Nord’s Bakery
2118 S Preston St
(502) 634-0931