wildeggsmenu-1.jpgI had a really, really lovely breakfast at Wild Eggs yesterday. That coupled with the many, many visitors turning up in Consuming Louisville’s server logs looking for more info on Wild Eggs made me think it was time for another Wild Eggs post. Most Wild Eggs search visitors are specifically looking for the menu so I asked the Wild Eggs folks for a digital copy of the menu to post and they were very kind to oblige. So you can either download a PDF of the Wild Eggs menu or look at images of it after the jump. 

The last time I wrote about Wild Eggs I noted that the “Violet You’re Turning Violet” was a bit of a misnomer since the pancakes had so few blueberries in them. They have since rectified that situation. I ordered those same blueberry pancakes yesterday and that were overflowing with blueberries. One more menu note: I still totally recommend the everything muffin. I love it so.